Cryptegrity: A Decentralized Peer-to-Peer Escrow Platform


Since the inception of blockchain technology and the resulting creation of smart contracts, innovative protocols have aimed to streamline common functions that have traditionally been facilitated by intermediaries. Establishing trustless, permission-less interactions governed by open-source programming has already revolutionized the way modern businesses and everyday users operate, and will continue to drive progress across multiple industries.

Removal of the requirement for a trusted third party, direct peer-to-peer payments between two parties, and irreversible transactions has solved many problems in digital currency. However, while these solutions have made the exchange of data and value increasingly seamless, they've also posed new issues that need to be addressed.

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to expand, anonymous transactions between unacquainted parties are commonplace. In such situations, participants need to be assured that the transaction is genuine and authentic in an environment where traditional trust has not been formed. As a result, fraud and theft have become rampant throughout the evolving world of cryptocurrency.

In the Bitcoin Whitepaper, Satoshi Nakamoto highlights escrow as a potential solution. However, despite exponential growth across a litany of sectors in the cryptocurrency industry, there is still a shortage of direct peer-to-peer escrow solutions in Web3.

It is evident that a transparent and trustless solution is needed to facilitate the exchange of data and value between parties in the rapidly growing crypto economy. Cryptegrity aims to provide this service by means of a simplified protocol that will streamline escrow transactions in the Web 3 world.

Problems in P2P Cryptocurrency Transactions

Anonymity and privacy is a central pillar of the Web 3 movement. However while most people use these tools to protect themselves, nefarious actors are able to exploit these fundamental values.

The anonymous nature of cryptocurrency allows for scammers to operate under an alias and vanish with goods, funds or data in a peer-to-peer transaction, without contributing their part of an agreement.

While every on-chain transaction is registered and publicly visible on the blockchain, stolen funds can still be laundered and made virtually untraceable, meaning that tracking down scammers can be extremely difficult.

Problems in Traditional and Online Escrow

The internet is awash with unreliable escrow platforms that pose as trustworthy intermediaries, commonly coined 'Bogus Escrow Scams.' These sites establish user trust through falsified social proofing, like fake reviews, and proceed to steal escrow funds. Alternatively a seller will send goods, only to never receive the promised funds.

What's more, the few legitimate escrow platforms that do operate can charge extortionate fees and disproportionately monetize the client's exchange. Mishandling, misappropriating, commingling and loss of escrow funds are also frequent due to human error or fraudulent behavior.


Cryptegrity aims to address these outstanding issues and provide a complete, end-to-end escrow solution powered by blockchain technology. The Cryptegrity platform offers secure, transparent escrow vaults supported by open source smart contracts viewable on a public ledger.

All contracts are audited by CerTik, the industry's leading smart contract security firm, to ensure the protection of user's assets throughout Cryptegrity exchanges. What's more, Cryptegrity has zero access to user's funds and data deposited into escrow vaults, completely nullifying the possibility of a Bogus Escrow Scam.

Commingling or misappropriation of deposited funds or data is also impossible, due to the fact that all deposits are locked in individual smart contracts, until the terms of the agreement are met.

Throughout the Cryptegrity User Journey, both parties are assured that their assets are protected by impenetrable, transparent smart contracts. The protocol ensures that both parties fulfill the expectations of the agreement.

The exchange is only actioned after both parties have approved the provided data or funds are genuine. This ensures a secure, trustless exchange, regardless of whether or not associated parties are anonymous and unacquainted.

V1 Cryptegrity Platform

Cryptegrity will launch a full functional platform to coincide with the launch of the protocol's native token, $ESCROW. The V1 platform will facilitate complete, on-chain escrow exchanges between two parties for any variation of goods and/or services they desire.

How it Works: The Cryptegrity User Journey


V2 Cryptegrity Platform

As the Cryptegrity ecosystem continues to evolve, the V2 platform will feature a vastly increased range of utility. V2 will incorporate popular cryptocurrencies that already enjoy widespread usage, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), as well as popular stablecoins like USDT.

The platform will scale its offering of compatible escrow agreements to include NFTs, Source Code, Domain Names and Gambling agreements (where legal under local jurisdiction). Cryptegrity V2 will also host impartial arbitration services provided by the Cryptegrity DAO, in order to resolve outstanding disputes between parties and reward $ESCROW token holders.

The Cryptegrity V2 platform promises to feature a seamless and intuitive user interface. This will allow escrow exchanges to be completed as swiftly and easily as possible using Cryptegrity's simplified platform. Whether a first time cryptocurrency user or an industry veteran, Cryptegrity's user experience is designed to be accessible and streamlined for all users.

Cryptegrity's commitment to a smooth user experience will enable the platform to rapidly onboard users, with the goal of making Cryptegrity the internet's most widely adopted, secure escrow solution.

Types of Escrow


The most broad category of escrow exchange types, goods refer to tangible items that serve a need or utility. Examples of goods that are commonly exchanged through escrow services online are items like watches, cars and clothing.

While there are many internet marketplaces that facilitate the exchange of goods via escrow, disputes often arise between parties. These disputes are handled by centralized entities, which opens the door to subjective bias.

Cryptegrity solves these pain-points and provides a platform for these goods to be exchanged via our secure and transparent escrow smart contracts to guarantee both parties honor the agreed upon terms.


Freelance work has become widespread and indispensable in the modern global economy. In fact, the number of freelancers in the US alone has increased year on year, from just 57.3 million in 2017 to 70.4 million in 2022. As the number of freelancers worldwide continues to proliferate, solutions to protect their working rights will be integral to the modern workforce.

In most cases, freelancers work remotely and offer their services to clients across the globe. This naturally leads to increased anonymity and reduces the possibility of civil action in the event of non-payment or the rendering of incomplete services on behalf of the freelancer.

By providing an open and safe platform, Cryptegrity will guarantee services and payment for both parties and ensure an honest and fair working relationship between freelancers and clients.

Through Cryptegrity, the quality of work and services provided by the freelancer must reflect the standard agreed upon in the initial terms and the client must deposit escrow funds into the smart contract vault, making an eventual non-payment impossible.

NFT Escrow

While for most people, the utility of NFTs is confined to digital art and the formation of online communities, this nascent industry is expected to reimagine and disrupt a multitude of established web 2 industries.

For example, it is theorized that titles and land deeds will be represented with NFTs in the near future. Even now, airline tickets can already be bought, sold and traded as NFTs. E-commerce powerhouses like Shopify, and household brands like Starbucks are integrating NFTs into their business models.

Unfortunately, it's no secret that the NFT industry is home to a significant amount of scams and abandoned projects. As the adoption of NFT technology continues to grow and mature, there will be an increased need to guarantee accountability and ensure contractual obligations are met.

Cryptegrity will also facilitate secure and secure OTC NFT trades. Such trades will allow NFT traders to avoid extortionate fees imposed by centralized marketplaces and ensure that fake or counterfeit NFTs are recognised before finalizing the exchange.

Source Code Escrow

Source Code and intellectual property is extremely valuable in the modern economy. With the unprecedented rise of SaaS business models, the protection of software is of paramount importance.

The transmission of software and source code via traditional methods is prone to vulnerabilities and hacks. Through the Cryptegrity platform, software can be securely and transparently exchanged between parties, guaranteeing its protection.

Using the Cryptegrity platform, buyers will be able to verify the authenticity and functionality of the seller's Source Code. Likewise, sellers are guaranteed to receive the agreed upon payment by virtue of Cryptegrity's smart contract escrow vaults.

Gambling Escrow

Gambing Escrow agreements allow users to create and wager an infinite variety of bets with another individual. These agreements, including proposition bets, are not limited to traditional betting avenues like sports and races, but also extend to sectors like politics and global events.

Given that local laws and jurisdiction can vary significantly between certain countries and regions with severe punishments, geoblocking will be essential in ensuring that users are not operating illegally within their area.

The Cryptegrity platform will facilitate peer-to-peer wagers and bets between individuals. As with standard goods and services escrow exchanges, the winner of the bet will be able to claim their earnings following a successful result, with the loser being unable to reclaim their wager.

In the event of the losing party being unco-operative and refusing to approve the exchange, the case will be brought before the Cryptegrity DAO and resolved using the official result of the event.

Multi-signature Escrow

Vitalik Buterin, the creator of Ethereum, highlights multisignature transaction contracts as a key feature of smart contract utility in the modern industry. Multisignature smart contracts allow heightened transparency and granularity between members of a group when asynchronously contributing funds to an Escrow Vault.

This technology could be leveraged in several ways. For example, a group of investors could collectively pool funds to secure a blue chip NFT they might otherwise be unable to afford in a way that protects each individual's contribution.

Cryptegrity will reimagine the possibilities of multisignature transactions by integrating escrow vaults that can be accessed by nominated parties on either side of the arrangement. This utility will become indispensable as more businesses worldwide look for transparent escrow solutions that can be accessed by entire committees and ensure democratic solutions within companies.

The $ESCROW Token

While a fully decentralized platform solves many of the issues currently rife in the landscape of internet escrow solutions, situations may still arise that require an impartial entity to resolve disputes between parties.

Existing online escrow platforms typically host their own dispute resolution services and criteria. Given that these are centralized platforms that have their own business interests to maintain, disputes are subject to bias that can sway the ultimate outcome.

Hence, there is a need to quantify and incentivize arbitration services. In pursuit of this goal, Crytegrity has designed a robust token economy to support the platform, which is driven by $ESCROW, our native utility and governance token.

$ESCROW is a BEP-20 token standard that serves a variety of functions within the Cryptegrity ecosystem. $ESCROW is rewarded to Cryptegrity DAO members who participate in arbitration services that help to resolve disputes between parties using the Cryptegrity Escrow platform.

$ESCROW can also be staked in order to receive passive rewards collected by the Cryptegrity platform through transaction fees and used to vote in matters of protocol governance that shape the future development of the Cryptegrity platform.


Compatible Chains and Future Integrations

At the genesis launch of the Cryptegrity dApp, both the $ESCROW token and our innovative platform will be hosted on the Binance Smart Chain. By initially launching on the BSC, Cryptegrity will be exposed to the enormous network effect and high number of daily active users, while benefiting from the chain's accessible and affordable gas fees.

With time, the Cryptegrity platform will expand and integrate with other popular EVM chains, like Polygon, Arbitrum and Avalanche to rapidly onboard millions of users from their favorite networks and increase exposure to a constantly growing pool of investors.

The Cryptegrity DAO

The Cryptegrity DAO provides a decentralized, impartial and democratic approach to arbitration services. In situations where a dispute between counterparties arises, both parties will be able to submit a case pertaining the details of the dispute.

As a decentralized entity made up of ESCROW holders, the Crypegrity DAO allows for both parties to be assured of an unbiased jury when navigating the complexities of a dispute. To incentivize the Cryptegrity DAO's involvement in disputes, participating members will be rewarded with $ESCROW tokens.

The Cryptegrity DAO is also responsible for the ongoing governance of the protocol. DAO members will have the potential to submit and cast votes in proposals that will guide the future development and growth of the Cryptegrity ecosystem.


In its current climate, the landscape of online escrow solutions is plagued with exploitative centralized platforms, bogus escrow scam operators and biased arbitration services. Fraud and human error are prevalent, these risks are only increased by the anonymity of the Web3 world.

Despite blockchain technology and smart contract functionality providing the industry with all the tools needed to streamline and decentralize these processes, a truly complete platform has yet to come to fruition.

Cryptegrity aims to address these outstanding issues that impede progress within the industry by providing a secure, decentralized solution that allows anonymous users to exchange goods and services safely in an environment where trust has not been established between parties.

In our modern society, the exchange of goods and services online is already the standard operating procedure for millions of businesses and users worldwide. As the world of cryptocurrency continues to expand at an unprecedented pace and global adoption increases every single day, a complete escrow solution is sorely needed. The Cryptegrity platform will be essential to providing these services and will guarantee trustworthy escrow exchanges for years to come.

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